Directory Updates

In January, the Federation issues a community directory listing the name, address phone number, e-mail and work information of each of our Jewish community members.

If, during the year, you have any changes (street or e-mail address; work phone number etc.), please fill out the form below, or contact

Please use the form below to submit your directory listing


Please complete one form per household - SUBMIT and PRINT buttons are at the end of the form. Submit form online or by mail by Monday, November 20, 2017. - Mail to: Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga P.O. Box 8947, Chattanooga, TN 37414

    Regardless of having a listing in the 2017 Directory, we would appreciate everyone filling out this form with current information. If you did not receive a 2017 Directory, this will be your opportunity to provide us with your contact information. All information submitted will be published in the Federation's 2018 Directory unless No is selected below. If you select No, your information will only be used to update the Federation's database.
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  • Adult #3 (Optional)

    An individual over 18 years old must be listed separately unless they are a dependent. A DEPENDENT is over 18 and is a dependent of this listing. A SEPARATE LISTING is an individual over 18, who is a student or employed.
  • Work Information