Shlichim Program

Shlichim Program

Chattanooga has the unique opportunity to bring Israel to our community through the Shlichim Program. The shlichim are single, 22-30 year old Israelis who have completed their military or national service in Israel. Their role is to educate people of all ages in the Jewish and non-Jewish community about Israel, and to serve as an advocate, a role model, and a staff member.

In addition, the shlichim functions to bring a unique perspective to Young Jewish Leadership, Jew Crew, Machanooga (Community Sunday Program), and local Hebrew schools, and to bring awareness and advocacy for Israel through special programming including holiday celebrations,  presentations, and hands-on engagement. They visit local private and public schools, universities and colleges, volunteer and civic organizations (i.e., Kiwanis, Rotary), churches, etc. Each shaliach commits to at least one year, but can stay a maximum of two years.


Chenda Dahan (2017-present)


Shiran Amir (2016-17)



Past Federation Shlichim Noa Hadad (2014-2016), Hadas Peled (2013-2014), Einav Cahaner (2012-2013) and Raoul Molnar (2011-2012)


Public Speaking
If you would like Chen to speak to your child’s school class, or your club, work, or non-Jewish group of friends, she would welcome the invitation.

Chen can speak or have interactive activities available about any Israeli topic: Israeli culture, Israeli daily life, Israeli wars, the Protective Edge IDF Operation, Israeli Politics, important historical figures, Jewish holidays in Israel, and more. Chen is available to speak about Israel at NO COST, other than your purchase of supplies if needed. When you make contact with her please describe the type of group she will be working with (particularly age range), the topic you are interested in, how long a period of time you would like her presentation, and what dates/time would work best for you. Please contact her at or 423-385-0098.

Shishi Mishpachti – Family Friday  –  שישי משפחתי Chen wants to learn more about your Mishpacha – משפחה (family) and how you celebrate Shabbat at your house! Every Friday Chen will come to a family in our community; she will get to know you as a Jewish family. This is a perfect way to share your customs, your personal Shabbat.

Can’t invite her for Shabbat? Consider another time when you can share with Chen.

If you’re interested in bringing Chen to your house, please contact her – or call 423-385-0098. She is looking forward to meeting your family at your house!

Israel Committee  If Israel is in your heart; if Israel is important to you; if you would like to do more to educate people about Israel – the Israel Committee is the right place for you. We are looking for volunteers from the community to help plan community-wide events. The Israel Committee will work on several programs: Good Deeds Day, all the Yom’s (Yom Ha’aTzmaout, Yom HaZikaron, Yom HaShoah) and Night Run. We will meet once a month to deal with Israel events and programs. Join me, Chen, your shlicha, as I lead the Israel Committee. I believe that the power of people is much stronger than just one person. If you are interested,  please contact me at Israel@jewishchattanooga.comor 423-385-0098.