Jewish Cultural Center Exhibits

The Jewish Cultural Center is committed to bringing the visual arts to the community. We put on 4-6 exhibits a year, showcasing regional, national, and international artists. From the serious to the seriously humorous, JCC exhibits truly have something for everyone.

Current Exhibit: TBA


Past Exhibits:

By the Book
Party Time
Jewish Geography
Be (in conjunction with A Step Ahead Foundation)
Sound of Many Waters (a P2G project)
Israel To Me ( with shlicha Noa Hadad)
Kitchen Tables: Memories of Growing Up Jewish in Chattanooga
Sister City Children’s Exhibit
FeminIsrael (Assist Hadas Peled)
Wrapped in Tradition (Talliot)
Front Page News: The Shofar Through the Years
Kehilah: Community
Main, Market and Beyond: Yesterday’s Local Jewish Merchants
Tree of Life
Talking Tees (Assisted Einav Cahaner)
Another Point of View: How Israel and the United States are Portrayed in Arab Media (travelled)
Windows of Identity (P2G)
Interpretations: Contemporary Jewish Art
Chai Scorers: The Legacy of Chattanooga’s Jewish Athletes
Jewels: Small Works
A Sense of Place
Torah Covers: Sacred Textiles
In Other Word: Artist Books
Tranquil Space
Moo and More
Drawn In
Needleworks: Cultural and Contemporary
Spirituality of Light
Artists’ Platters
Growing Up Jewish
Form and Space
Words and Images: Reda Mansour
AQ Moment …Images from Aleph Bet
Lights: A Season for Children
Small Works
Bagels and BBQ (at Chattanooga State)
Sign of the Times – Photography
Tying the Knot: Jewish Wedding Traditions
Feminine Mystique
A Better House – Dana Shavin
Empty Bowls
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Mission to Israel
Editorial Cartoons by Cay Bennett
Cityscapes: New York and Chattanooga
Sticking to Israel: Israeli Society Through Bumper Stickers and Travel Posters
Talking Heads: Head Coverings of All Kinds
Jews and Humor: Like Bagels and Lox
Middle East Poetry Exhibit
From Falusha to Freedom: The Jews of Ethiopia
Jewish Defenders of American Freedom
African Art – From Rugina’s Afrikan Village
Telling the Tale: A Tallit Exhibit
Blanketing Chattanooga: Chattanooga’s Jewish History
Earth and Water
Roslynne Steinberg