Jewish Early Childhood Intiative

Jewish Early Childhood Initiative and Jewish Right Start Program

The Jewish Early Childhood Initiative provides a gift subsidy (non-financial based) to eligible children to attend Aleph Bet Children’s Center in an effort to offset the cost of early Jewish Childhood Education. The gift voucher program was established in Chattanooga by the Lebovitz Family Charitable Trust to inspire the continuation of strong, vibrant Jewish communities, the program highlights the importance of connecting youngsters to their Jewish identity at an early age. Click here to apply or learn more.

Jewish Right Start Program

The Jewish Right Start of Greater Chattanooga is a one-time incentive for Jewish families to engage in the Jewish community by sending their child to Aleph Bet Children’s Center. Eligible participants may combine the Jewish Right Start Program and Jewish Early Childhood Initiative gift vouchers. Jewish Right Start recipients must be:
•    The first sibling in the family to attend Jewish infant care, toddler care, or preschool.
•    A member of a family where at least one parent identifies as Jewish.
•    Enrolled in a Jewish infant care, toddler care, or preschool program for the first time.
Tuition reimbursement is based on the number of days per week a child is enrolled and is paid directly to Aleph Bet Children’s Center.
•    2 days-up to $360 a year
•    3 days- up to $600 a year
•    5 days-up to $1,200 a year
Matching funding is provided by the National Jewish Right Start program, an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, made possible through the generosity of local donors.

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