Social Services

One of our strengths as a Federation is our commitment to building long term relationships. Because we already know and work with the adults in our community, we are there to ensure that they stay connected, active, independent, and healthy. We understand that as people age they may need additional supports in order to keep as much independence as possible. Through our social services team, we deliver kosher meals, make in-home visits, offer consultations about medication management and Medicare, provide one-time or ongoing van service, and accompany people to medical appointments or emergency treatment. For many in our community without local family, the Federation fills that role.

Care Network Services

“I am amazed by the scope of services offered by the Chattanooga Federation. I live in a city with thousands of Jews, and we don’t even have what you offer.”

  • Case Management
    Social Services Director Erricka Hill, BA, MSW,MBA takes a holistic approach when working with clients of all ages and families to implement temporary or ongoing care. Erricka and her team will develop a care plan, make referrals, and follow up to ensure that clients remain as independent and active as possible. Contact her at (423) 893-9241.
  • Community Nurse
    Community Nurse Edie Redish, RN, is a licensed nurse with a current CPR certificate with additional training from the Community Nursing Program at Memorial Hospital. She provides health screenings, home visits, and medical advocacy. Contact Edie at 423-682-1401.
  • Home Visits
    Social Services team members pay regular visits to keep people connected to the community.
  • Van Transportation
    Van drivers Rick Jacobs, Eddie Reel, and Jason Shuman provide rides to daytime Federation events and/or daytime personal appointments including doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. See below for more information.
  • Mitzvah Meals
    Kosher Mitzvah Meals are prepared in the Federation’s kosher kitchen. Meals are delivered on a short-term basis (e.g. post-surgery, during a family crisis) or long-term as needed. Meals can also be purchased (at a minimal fee) and picked up at the Jewish Cultural Center.

Van Drivers

The Federation provides van service to medical appointments, exercise classes, the grocery store, visits to friends, and events at the Jewish Cultural Center. Service is available from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday by appointment.  Van service is free to members of our community.  New riders must call Erricka Hill at (423)493-0270 ext. 16. Current riders can contact drivers Rick Jacobs at 423-432-2222, Jason Shuman at 423-320-1480, or Eddie Reel at 423-298-7169 to schedule a ride (see schedule below). We do our best to accommodate each rider’s scheduled appointments,  giving priority to medical appointments, grocery shopping and events at the JCC.  Evening and weekend programs require at least 3 riders in order to run. Contributions to the annual campaign make this service possible.

Monday and Wednesdays- Rick
Tuesdays- Jason
Wednesdays- Rick
Thursdays- Eddie

Mitzvah Meals

Mitzvah Meals provide meals to community members who are injured, ill, have a new baby, or are in need for other reasons. There is a fee (based on a sliding scale) for meals delivered longer than two weeks.  Contact Erica Hill at 493-0270 ext. 16 to be placed on the meals list. Please mention any dietary restrictions at that time.

Medicare Part D

The social services department assists community members with evaluation and education about Medicare Drug Prescription plans that are available each year during open enrollment time from October – December. Call Erricka Hill at 493-0270 ext. 16 to make an appointment for this service.

Contact Erricka Hill  at